1、Maxwell go and sing Ooohh, this for the ladies MAX Doin#39it S I#39m back again who#39s backAgain, again, I#39m back again who#39s backOoh, tell me who#39s backI#39m back again who#39s back;时间已经来到 你horns中文歌词的时间已经结束,我的时间来到了 你不配看我,我的时间来到了 这是特权,男孩我现在十分闪耀 你看不到我的,我的时间来到了;歌词 I thought it would rain forever Caught in the flood 我以为雨会永远被洪水淹没 Reaching for some high ground Just before I went down 就在我下楼前,伸手去挖一些高地 Its hard for me to remember Just how;The rising of the horns, ahead From the dawn of time to the end of days I will have to run, away I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste Of the blood on my lips, again This deadly burst of。

2、horns 或者 halo effect其实都是指同一种心理学术语,即halo effect请看详解晕轮效应英文The Halo Effect,又称“光环效应”,属于心理学范畴,晕轮效应指人们对他人的认知判断首先是根据个人的好恶得出的,然后再从;等待游戏 我会疯狂地想你 我得去别处 我要离开你 我需要帮忙收拾行李 整个世界都是舞台 我们扮演不同的角色 每天都是新的一页 每夜我期盼着,祈祷着 希望你会永远不变 我们玩着等待游戏 说再见多么苦涩而甜蜜 谁知道床;Joe found himself on the horns of a dilemma 乔陷入进退两难之境This places the enemy on the horns of a dilemma 这样才能致敌于进退两难之境地Come , e , says mr vincent , plain deapng。

3、玩玩驯鹿,哈哈哥们 Grab Rudolph#39s horns, see how far they bend 抓抓鲁道夫驯鹿的名字的角,看看它们都弯成什么样 When his nose turns red, his ass gets ?它鼻子变红了,它屁股变Back out to the woods;Yo, yo 女孩作为Dina Rae 丁当响铃, 丁当响铃 一直丁当响 噢什么乐趣它将乘坐 劫掠您的外套, you#39ll 是好在LA 里 鲍伯河作为Eminem It#39s 白色圣诞节你好我的人I#39m 把血液留在在雪和击响肥胖人 您。


4、Intro DiddyIt’s like shit is coming down from the motherfuckin’ heavens It’s a new motherfuckin’ day Get down or lay down Ay yo, turn the fuck up Ay yo, fuck sparklers I wanna see;it#39s automatic i win this oh you hear those horns, you finished a soldier, and i stay under you fightin plus i#39m stormin on you chumps like i#39m thunder and lightning ain#39t no way you breakin me;Head banging in the pit and throwing my horns And just like old school Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Lemmy I need to drop it down low and make it heavy I like it heavy Whoa I like it heavy Whoa I ride;Find a bull and you grab the horns 找到事物最关键的本质 Go right ahead 去做吧 Scream your head off, like the day you was born 就像你出生的那一天,大声狂叫吧horns中文歌词! Go right ahead 去做吧 Go right ahead 去做吧 Go ri;It#39s automatic I win this oh you hear those horns, you finished 我是必然会胜利的噢,你听到那些号角了吗A soldier, and I stay under you fightin 你已经不再是一名士兵,我停留在你的战斗下 Plus I#39m。

5、Yeah It’s my life 这是我的生活 But all in words I guess 却全部换成语言 Verse 1 Have you ever loved someone so much you’d give an arm for? 你试过爱谁如此之深,深到你可以给去一只手臂;Horns Gossip I heard it from a little bird Who gave me permission The naughtiest words I ever heard That will be posed on Some girls, we need proof Of real root awakening To chase the dogs away And not。