weheart中文歌词(we are the heart)

weheart中文歌词我们心爱喜爱它 We Heart It是一个能够找到weheart中文歌词你所有喜爱事物的最美丽图片的地方,在这里,weheart中文歌词你可以和来自世界的数以百万计的人们来创建自己喜爱的图片库你会时刻受到鼓舞发现和保存众人喜爱的作品集,查看感兴趣的图片;中文每次我们接触 歌手Cascada 所属专辑Everytime We Touch歌词中英对照I still hear your voice,when you sleep next to me还能听到你的声音,当你睡在我旁边 I still feel your touch in my dreams。

Heart, I know I#39ve been hard on you 心,我知道我已经在你身上努力过 I#39m sorry for the things I#39ve put you through 我为我对你做过事的道歉 Before you start to break on me or ask for sympathy 在你;你和我 同一个世界下 心连心 我们是一家 为weheart中文歌词了共同的梦想 我们跋山涉水 来到北京相聚 一起来吧 让我一起分享奥运的喜悦 你和我 同在一个世界 我们永远是一家 you and me,from one worldheart to heart we are o。

中文歌词我的爱街道凄清,房间空荡 心也空了 我孤寂,房间越变越小 怎么了为什么它们都去了哪里我们共度的时光,我们欢唱的歌曲 哦,我的爱,我将永远坚持 追寻一份看似遥远的爱 所以我祈祷 愿梦想之翼将;我们这样的人, we don’t need that much 不需要烟火的绚烂 Just someone that starts, 只想要有人擦起火花 starts the spark in our bonfire hearts 点燃我们篝火般的心 This world is getting colder 世界渐渐。

hear we go歌词

To get the blood rushing through my veins I wanna say we#39re going steady Like it#39s 1954 It doesn#39t have to be forever Just as long as I#39m the name on your tattooed heart, ohh You don#39t need to。

one true time to hold on to In my life we#39ll always go on You#39re here, there#39s nothing I fear And I know that my heart will go on We#39ll stay, forever this way You are safe in my。

我知道你爱我,我知道你在意 just shout whenever, And I#39ll be there 无论何时你呼唤我,我都会及时出现 You want my love, You want my heart 你想要我的爱,想要我的心 And we would never ever ever be apart。

In my life we#39ll always go on只要我还在世,你我就会并肩前行,青史留名 Near far,或远或近 wherever you are 无论你身在何方 I believe that the heart does go on 我都相信我们的心是亘古不变的 Once more。

weheart中文歌词(we are the heart)

We#39re saving our own lives 是在拯救自己的生命 It#39s true we#39ll make a better day 我们真的可以创造更美好的明天 Just you and me 就靠你和我 Well, send#39em your heart 将你的心传递给他们 So they know。

weheart中文歌词(we are the heart)

Itquots true wequotll make a better day just you and me 要创造一个更美好的世界,要靠你和我Michael Jackson迈克#8226杰克逊Diana Ross黛安娜#8226罗斯Well, send them your heart so they know that。

我心永恒,我心永恒 And my heart will go on and on 爱曾经在刹那间被点燃 Love can touch us one time 并且延续了一生的传说 And last for a lifetime 直到我们紧紧地融为一体 And never let go till we#39re。

hear we are歌词

歌手名Sweetbox 专辑名The Next Generation In a Heartbeat Artist Sweetbox All the stressing and worry that you#39re giving me 你给我带来的所有的压力和担心 Oh baby I#39m sorry 哦 宝贝,对不起 Why can#39t I。

歌名Heart Set 演唱者Jonathan Steingard 所属专辑Under The Canopy 歌词如下When did I know your name When were you close to me When did we feel the thing How is everything isn’t that we looked。