usedcar中文歌词(used to this歌词翻译)

歌词Lighters Bruno Mars This one#39s for you and meusedcar中文歌词, living out our dreams 这首歌是送给你和我usedcar中文歌词的,跳出梦境让梦想成真 We are right where we should be 我们该在哪里?我们就在那里 Lift my arms out wide, Iusedcar中文歌词;但没关系 Well now you got to where you wanted 现在你到了想要的地方 Like I knew you would 像我知道你会一样 Cash, car, house, it#39s all good 金钱,车,房子,都很好 It#39s the why you never come。

I used to tweet you text you call you hit you on the facebook all the time 我常在推特留言给你和写信给你和给你打电话和戳你在面子书在所有的时间 yeah, but now you#39re gone, so far along that;bae boy, now I#39m all grown up I use to cruise the used car lot, put chrome on the truck bae boy, now I#39m all grown up I use to wear my hoodie like that like thatpile deep in the hoopty。

usedcar中文歌词(used to this歌词翻译)

Hop up in my car and told my chauffeur to the top,Life is like a fcking roller coaster then it drops,But what should I scream for this is my theme park,My minds shine even when my thoughts seem dark,Pistol。

used to this歌词中文

The people we used to be,我们原先的样子,It’s even harder to picture,但更难的是去想象,That you’re not here next to me你不在我身旁You said it’s too late to make it,你说弥补过错已经太晚,But。

We#39re singing in the car, getting lost upstate我们开着车,唱着歌,消失在这个小地方的北边Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place 秋天的落叶,像微粒旋入空中 And I can picture it after all these。

usedcar中文歌词(used to this歌词翻译)

My car starts itself, parks itself and autotunes我的车自动启动,自动停放,自动调*谐Cause now I#39m in the Aston因为我现在在阿斯顿I went from having my city locked up我从一个已经上锁的城市中来To getting treated like。

You used plastic, we #39bout cash,你用信用卡,我们用现金 I see some people ahead 我们都要超越 that we gon#39 pass 前面的所有对手 I never feared death or dying 我从不害怕死亡 I only fear never trying 只。

All I know is you#39re not here to say what you always used to say 我只知道你不在这里,可你的一言一语 But it#39s written in the sky tonight 已将今晚的天空写满 So I won#39t give up, no I won。

i#39m hanging around, i#39m waiting for you我四处张望,我在等待你的到来 but nothing ever happens, and i wonder但是好像什莫事情也未曾发生,我不清楚 i#39m driving around in my car我开着车出去兜风 i。

If it was anybody else but you 如果那不是任何其他的人而是你 It was anybody else 但那却是其他的人 Slammed the door to the car, but I won#39t get too far 大力的把车门关上 但我不会走太远 Cause I。

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感觉这个挺专业的,楼主给分,哈哈 nothin#39 on you nothing on you 英文中文对照歌词2010年04月24日 1651beautiful girls all over the world 世界各地的漂亮女孩 i could be chasing but my time。

原文I remember all those nights I used to stay at home 译文我整个那些夜晚记得我过去一直待在家 原文On the phone, all night long 译文打电话, 整晚 原文Used to talk about the things we。

I could fix the flat on your car, I might even be a rockstar I might even be a rockstar! Sometimes I wish, When the phone rings, That it would be you, Sayin#39 let#39s hang out! Then you confess, That there。