歌曲名big shots歌手Tes 所属专辑Lexoleum时长03分46秒 歌词内容中英对照I#39m a big big girl average中文歌词! 我是个重要的女孩 In a big big world ! 在一个大世界里 It#39s not a bi。

贴吧借用下 嘻嘻 其实不用太在意中文是什么意思 文化差异大 Spanish 西班牙语 y#39allaverage中文歌词, hit that 来吧 Would you like drink with meaverage中文歌词?愿意跟我来一杯吗if u dont mind 如果average中文歌词你不介意 Can i talk to you, if。

Posters of love surrounding me I#39m lost in a world of fantasy Every night she comes to me And gives me all the love I need Now this, hot girl, she#39s not your average girl She#39s a morpherotic。

Would you like drink with me?愿意跟我来一杯吗if u dont mind 如果你不介意 Can i talk to you, if its all right?我能跟你聊聊吗只是顺便而已 I Want your body close to mine 我想要拉近你的身体 All。

#39Cause I’m not your average, average person I don’t know much, but I know for certain That I’m just a little bit extra, extra I’m just a little bit extra ordinary I can see it from the spark。


Still remember when I first saw her face it was just your average day it was May or maybe June I think I remember, I ran home and told my mom I was in love she said Corey your just to young to。

An average man, am I 没什么古怪的念头 Of no eccentric whim 只想过自己的生活 Who likes to live his life 能够永远与世无争 Free of strife 做他觉得合适的事 Doing whatever he thinks is best for him 只是个。