夕阳天使youlose中文歌词的插曲是卡朋特Carpenters演唱youlose中文歌词的Close to youCarpenters Close to you 专辑Why do birds suddenly appear Every time you are near?Just like meyoulose中文歌词, they long to be Close to youWhy do stars。

Better Man填 词Robert Williamsyoulose中文歌词,Guy Chambers 谱 曲Robert Williams,Guy Chambers 歌曲原唱Robbie Williams Send someone to love me送一个人来爱我 I need to rest in arms我需要在其臂弯里入睡。

啊 我是否在天堂,啊 我是否在天堂,啊 我是否在天堂,啊我将会失去你 从一开始就会失去你 我将会失去你 从一开始就会失去你 我将会失去你 我将会失去你 从一开始就会失去你 从一开始就会失去你 我将会失去你。


We lost ourselves, the love has died And though we tried you can#39t deny We#39re left as shells, we lost the fight 我们过去是如此的甜蜜,我知道你觉得对不起我,但是,你还是没抵挡住诱惑欺骗了我,你会后悔的。

You can do anything you set your mind to#39 man 你只要坚持头脑中的信念,任何事情都能成功,伙计 扩展资料 Lose Yourself是美国说唱歌手埃米纳姆演唱的一首说唱歌曲,由埃米纳姆Jeff BassBass Brothers共同创作完成收录于电影。


lose yourself Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted One moment Would you capture it or just let it slip?听着,如果你有一次机会 实现你的梦想这一刻 你是抓住。

Got my smokes and my liquor Don’t think that we won’t get you One day real soon You’ll be looking around like who knew Then we come out quick and boom boom We win You lose TakWatch the edg。