turnmeup中文歌词(turn up the music歌词中文翻译)

1、Make me beturnmeup中文歌词, make me beYour turning me up Your turning me down Your fooling around and around You turn me inside out Your turning me up Your turning me down I#39m turning around and around Without my。

2、转起来,转起来,转起来转起来,把它放 它使turnmeup中文歌词我又活了起来,把我心中使我尖叫第二天第二天让turnmeup中文歌词你们尖叫想引起骚乱广交噪音don#39#39t我想安静时get#39的真实声音更加响亮,我把我介绍gottagottagotta使我holla你知道你要想放下你的。

3、Turn me on,Turn me 让我重拾希望Love who loves you back 爱恋那深爱你的人吧Turn me on,Turn me 让我重拾希望 Love who loves you back 爱恋那迷恋你的人吧What*s real we have to squint to see 我。

4、Turn it up, turn it up for the people that say 反驳人们所说的话 #39We#39re moving on and we#39ll be okay#39“我们会过得很好”Baby, it#39s better, and I want you to be happy宝贝,这很好,我想让你快乐。

turnmeup中文歌词(turn up the music歌词中文翻译)

5、Right here with me, everywhere in betweenTurn it up for me, turn it up, turn it up for meWhoa, whoa oh oh ohWhoa oh oh ohWhoa oh oh ohWhoa, whoa oh oh ohWhoa oh oh ohWhoa oh oh。

6、You make my world, you make my world go ’round 你为我造了一整个世界,让我的世界转动 You turn me up, you turn me upside down 你为我带来了无限快乐,让我神魂颠倒 You make my world, you make my worl。

7、Turn It Up 歌手 Pixie Lott 所属专辑Turn It Up 发行时间20100205 Baby its over we both know lets go forward 宝贝,我们都知道,让我们向前走 I love you but in a different way I love you forever。

8、all i know is everybody loves me get down swaying to my own sound flashes in my face now all i know is, everybody loves me everybody loves me well i play the music don#39t stop until i turn grey s。

9、Cause I, I still turn to you 因为我,我会一直支持你 I don’t know what to do if you left me 如果你抛下我不管,我不知道要怎么做 So please don’t go away 所以请不要离开。

10、Tonight can be all that we imagine Everything we want and more As long as the music keeps on playing Now won#39t you turn it up, up, up Louder, don#39t stop!Take me over, lift me up high You need。

turnmeup中文歌词(turn up the music歌词中文翻译)

11、turn up the music Na na na na na, na na Take a look around Who would have thought we#39d all be hereturnmeup中文歌词?So let#39s mess around Cause the future is unclear We got nothing better to do We just trying to。

12、gotta turn me on gotta make me holla you gotta know what to do if you wanna get down so don#39t role of your smooch now your running out of time turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it up。

13、if you never want to let me know 如果你从来不想让我知道的话back back turn it around, ound 后退 后退 旋转 旋转 up and youre down down 向上 ,可你却在向下 just let me know 请告诉我 in in。

14、Light Me Up Birdy 照亮我鸟人 Finding my heart 找到我的心 Using my hands 用我的手 You’re my feet on the ground 你是我脚前的地上 My footprints 我的足迹 From where I began 我从哪儿开始 I must#39ve。

15、但也很开心baby we can go nowhere but up 我们可以哪儿也不去,但也很开心From here, my dear 亲爱的,就从这儿开始Baby we can go nowhere but up 宝贝我们可以哪儿也不去只,但也很开心Tell me what we got to。